Active Gaming Puts Screen Time on the Bench


(NewsUSA) - Screen time among children is reaching alarming levels, leaving parents searching for creative ways to get their kids off the couch and engaged in physical activities. Studies show that 95% of kids spend 5-7 hours a day gaming or using social media, raising concerns about sedentary lifestyles and their impact on overall well-being.

Amidst this trend, Playfinity has emerged as a pioneer in active gaming by offering a revolutionary solution that combines the excitement of virtual play with the benefits of physical activity and engagement in sport. Through smart, digitized sporting equipment like the Gaming Baseball, a regulation size and weight baseball connected to a free app packed with interactive games, Playfinity provides an immersive experience that motivates children to be active, healthy and happy while offering parents and caregivers alternative ways to empower their kids.

“Seventy percent of kids drop out of sports by the age of 13 because it’s ‘no longer fun’, leaving many of them to sit in front of screens for hours each day, living a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle,” says Pippa Boothman, CEO of Playfinity. “As a company originally founded by five dads with the urgency to keep their kids active, we are taking strides to make sports fun again, give kids a reason to get outside, and motivate them to make physical activity a priority. We speak to kids in a language they understand, and quite frankly, expect: leaderboards, avatars, rewards, communities, and more.”

How Playfinity is fostering a more active future for kids: 

  • Skill-building through repetition: We all know that practice helps improve your skills, whether it’s in school, sports or even backyard play. Playfinity’s Gaming Baseball encourages kids to establish a routine that helps them build a physically healthy foundation and improves their mental well-being as well. Connected devices and gamification makes it easy for kids to watch their progress in real-time and will make them want to keep getting better with practice, which was evident in May of 2023, when more than 1.5 million throws and jumps were logged on the Playfinity app across the world.
  • Fitness for life: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to fitness, which is why Playfinity has a diversified lineup of active gaming products to ensure all kids can find a game that interests them and keeps them engaged. For example, JumpGames is an activity tracker that loops onto a child’s ankle and turns any trampoline into an exciting gaming destination. With every leap, twist and twirl logged, kids can quite literally jump into endless fun and play with other jumpers all around the world. 
  • Smart engagement without burnout: In today’s day and age, it’s just not possible to completely remove technology from our lives. Playfinity embraces technology and uses it for good: to inspire positive and healthy behavior. Their game-packed app tracks scores, offers creative outlets for players to create their own games and global challenges, and even provides real-time coaching. Kids enjoy digital engagement through a fun mobile app while being encouraged to go outside and fulfill their daily play and exercise requirements.

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